Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Couples (7)

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Timberlake ranked #12 on Forbes list of the Celebrity 100 in 2008, where they estimated his earnings to be $44 million. He’s got a rocking music career with enormous record sales, a fashion line (William Rast) and a movie career. As for Biel, she earns much less for her acting roles than Justin does for his singing, though the actual numbers are unknown. Still, having worked her way up from 7th Heaven to a lead role in last year’s Easy Virtue is a step in the right direction.

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Justin is adored worldwide for his good looks and killer fashion sense (he was GQ’s Most Stylish Man in America last year). Jessica has claimed coveted spots on such lists as well — in 2007, she ranked #5 on Maxim‘s Hot 100. She also has an athletic, toned body that puts the stick figures of Hollywood to shame. Still, it should be noted that she’s ended up on her fair share of Worst Dressed lists.

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Justin is all over the magazines, Internet, talk shows, movies and radio, coming at you from every medium. And people can’t get enough. Last month, around 5 million searches were performed on Google to find gossip on Justin, while another million people searched for Jessica. Those numbers put these couple at the top tier of our most popular celebs — congrats!

justin timberlake Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Couples (7)

Staying Power. 
Media outlets love to claim that Jessica and Justin are tying the knot, but Timberlake told Oprah recently that he isn’t getting married anytime soon. They’ve been together since early 2007, and they currently live together, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is peachy: Justin dated Britney Spears for like four years of their youth, and he was with Cameron Diaz for three before breaking it off. In any case, Justin managed to ward off some rumors of discord when he kissed Biel on the Jumbotron at a Lakers game recently.