Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Couples (3)

3924l Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Couples (3)

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David Beckham reportedly earns more than any other soccer player in the world, having signed a five-year, $250 million deal with LA Galaxy. He’s twice been named the FIFA World Player of the Year runner-up, and he’s played more than 100 Champions League games. His success as a footballer has shot him to the ranks of an international celebrity, constantly in demand to endorse products like Coca-Cola and IBM. Victoria and the rest of the Spice Girls produced nine number-one singles in the ’90s, but her later solo career is largely considered a failure. Still, her books — a 2001 biography and 2006 fashion advice guide — each sold around half a million copies, and she undoubtedly makes a bundle from endorsing fashion campaigns. Forbes estimates that between 2007 and 2008, these two earned $58 million.

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Posh Spice is arguably better known as a style icon than a music one, having endorsed lines of Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and Armani. Her slim figure, sassy haircut and willingness to take risks have helped her gain admiration from the fashion industry. For his part, David’s body couldn’t be more fit, but his masculine facial features are just as handsome as the rest of him.

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In March, around 450,000 people searched Google to learn more about Victoria, and 673,000 searched for David. Those numbers push these two into the top half of our celeb couples in terms of popularity.

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Staying Power.
Victoria and David are no stranger to rumors of affairs, which have plagued them since 2004. Still, they’ve been together for 12 years now (and married 10), and they have three sons together: Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn. If these two were going to split, it seems like it would have already happened. Besides, Victoria handles the press around their relationship quite well: