Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Couples (2)

3907l  Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Couples (2)

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Parade magazine recently reported that Beyonce earned $80 million this year, while Jay-Z earned $82 million — a total of $162 million between them. Beyonce’s also been nominated for two Golden Globes and between the two of them, they have enough Grammys to fill a Maybach. Whether you’re looking at money, fame or honors, it doesn’t get much more successful than this couple.

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Beyonce’s curves are bootylicious, and her face is so gorgeous that she’s been offered plenty of product endorsements, make-up giant L’Oreal among them. As for Jay-Z, his looks are nothing to write home about, but he’s got the golden voice and is stylish, having founded his own clothing brand, Rocawear.

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Beyonce blows out the competition in this category. In April, about 20 million people Googled her, making her one of the most popular celebs on our list. People are slightly less interested in Jay-Z, who scored 5 million searches. With those numbers, these two are hard to beat.

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Staying Power.
These two have been together for seven years, and they married in 2008. They never talk publicly about their relationship (excepting Beyonce’s brief spiel to Ellen DeGeneres below), prefering to keep it just between them, and neither of them has had any other high-profile romances. Basically, we’re just counting down to babies and happily ever after.