Fetish clubs sneak peek 1 Funny

Fetish clubs sneak peek 1

We're starting our new series of posts about visiting sex clubs. At this series, we will show you some of the kinky/BDSM/fetish clubs. All of them are findable at numerous fetish clubs directories such as, so if you're impatient - just go there and take it all. In this video you will see the tour at Infliction Hall BDSM and Fetish Club in Dallas Texas with your beloved Tom and Bunny:…
Swingers clubs sneak peak (2) Funny

Swingers clubs sneak peak (2)

We continue our Swingers clubs sneak peak series. Now we want to introduce you to Tom and Bunny - the sparkling couple of swingers. They gonna take you into Dallas/Fort Worth Texas hottest swingers club. They promising to show you how this club looks and feels, how they are impressed with this club, their staff and their members. So, let's see the video:…